Monday, April 15, 2013

A Week in Raleigh

March 1-7
Before flying to Provo to prepare for Baby George's wedding we stopped in Raleigh to see the grandchildren and scan all of our baby books so that we could have a record of the events of our life in chronological order. Elizabeth made an emergency trip to Utah to spend time with Ryan and Emily as Ryan struggle against cancer was coming to an end. Elizabeth enlisted Melanie to help care for her children so we were able to spend time with James, Gillian and Eleanor in addition to Chauncey, Jackson, Kate, Bella and Max. We were happy to spend time with 8 of our grandchildren. 


Pinata Time

We decided that fist were as good as a bat.
Jackson delivers a mighty blow to the candy-stuffed monkey

Gillian thumps away on this cute but sturdy cupcake. 

There was the normal scramble for treats
when the pinata's broke, but after the scramble
was over the children gathered together
to make a things equal. 

Eleanor wanted to sleep in Grandma's room.
She was soon followed by Kate, Gillian, and Bella.
 After a while James came too. Eleanor misses
 her mother and James wanted to be near by if
she woke up crying in the night.


At the West Women Weekend
we had a bridal shower for Jessica

We tied a quilt for George & Jessica.
Wilde's, West's and Ross's came.

March 22, 2013 

Jessica and George Are Married
Leaving the Manti Temple following the ceremony

All of those who gathered together to witness
the sealing ceremony or to help
with the young children and be close
 by to give hugs of congratulations. 

Manti Temple

Six Siblings
Six Siblings with Spouses 

Our youngest child has joined his siblings.
We are alone again.

Post wedding celebration dinner at a Sushi restaurant. 

We dropped Chauncey and Melanie at the airport, then
Elizabeth joined us for "Music and the Spoken
Word. We still had time before Elizabeth's flight so we
went to see the Great Salt Lake.

It was a beautiful wedding and a delightful visit with all
of our children. Soon we will return to Hong Kong.
We are sad to leave our children behind.
We are apprehensive as to what the remainder
of the year will bring. But we feel peace as we
contemplate the blessing of family and the sealing
power of the priesthood  that allows us to be an
Eternal Family in Progress.

Brazil - Again (January-February 2013)

On January 20, 2013 we returned to San Paulo for George's work. Ruth brought her last box of slides to digitalize and had plenty of work to keep her busy. On February 7 Chauncey flew to San Paulo for a week. We toured San Paulo, ate Brazilian food that Chauncey remembers from his mission, went to a football (soccer) match, rented a car and drove to Rio de Janeiro for a couple of days. 

Ibirapuera Park, San Paulo

Chauncey:  I think I'll just jump right on up this tree.

Chauncey: OK, I'll just climb right up this tree. 

Chauncey:  OK, so maybe a friendly boost up into this tree. 

Chauncey:  Success!

Copacabana Beach

We came prepared to swim, but the beach 
and  water were too crowed for comfort, 
and besides the water seemed brown.

Cristo Redentor on Corcovado Mountain (Christ the Redeemer)

We enjoyed eating lunch on top the mountain.
The views were fantastic. 

Topographically, Rio is amazing.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

We are in a cable car on our way up Sugar Loaf

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach was beautiful, but alas,
 we were  not prepared to swim.

Botanical Garden

This is our 'Happy Endings' dessert. Chauncey flies
back to Raleigh in the morning. It was a fun week.