Sunday, July 26, 2009

George & Ruth's New Apartment in Beijing

The lobby of Parkway Court #9
(Pretty fancy huh?....)
The central court yard & fountains
The view of Chaoyang Park from our front window Living Room

Utah Vacation - 4th of July - West Family Reunion

Melanie and the kids at "Chick-fil-a"
(Dress like a cow and get a free chicken dinner!)
James, AJ, Dad, Allison, George, Michael
Provo Freedom Festival - 4th of July 5K Parade Run
George, Trevor & Travis
Sleeping overnight at the parade route....saving spots!

Provo - 4th of July Kiwanis Breakfast
Quilt Tieing - Charity and Heidi Baby Shower
James & Charity - Baby Shower
AJ & Heidi - Baby Shower
Michael & Allison
Baby Shower @ WildeWest Home
West Family Reunion - Squaw Peak Campground
Ruth & Franklin - Squaw Peak Campfire
Ruth & George - Behind Squaw Peak