Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chengde Mountain Resort and Puningsi Temple

George and Ruth took a Saturday trip to Chengde, China with our friends Rici and Dee Johnson. Chengde is about 3 hours north of where we live in Beijing. It was a beautiful day and it was great to get out of the city and spend some time in the mountains. Chengde Resort was a summer retreat for the Qing Emperors. There several Chinese palaces and at least 8 temples nestled among the trees.

Emperor Xaunzong, in court dress.
Ruth being help to dress as an Emperoress.
George donning the clothes of an Emperor
Ruth and George in court dress.
Stealing a kiss when no-one is looking?
These are Buddhist Prayer Wheels. Buddhist believers rotate each wheel clockwise while reciting a specific verse of scripture. This is one way to accumulate merit. There is writing on each column so possibly you don't always need to recite the scripture because the act of rotating the wheel symbolic sends the prayer up to heaven.
A bird on top of a rabbit on top of a monkey on top of an Elephant.
Is this the Chinese version of Bremen Town Musicians?
Rici, George and Ruth at an incense alter.
This band played music every time someone knelt to pray.
Little Buddha statues line the walls of the 2 story temple.
Guanyin bodhisattva of 1,000 arms and 1,000 eyes.
She is a goddess of mercy and compassion.
This lock symbolizes happiness and long life.
They could also symbolize eternal love.
Thousands of locks were locked onto the hand rail
leading up the path to the top of the hill above the temple.

Decorative sculptures of immortals and small animal are on the ridges of the roof tops. They all seem to go in the same order on each building. They are thing like dragons, phoenix, lion, unicorn. There always seems to be an immortal riding on a phoenix leading the parade.
Flying Golden Dragons top this temple.

We enjoyed looking at the mountain view as we drove to Chengde

Monday, August 9, 2010

June with Chauncey and Melanie in Raleigh

Birthday Party:
Kate's birthday is July 21 and Jackson's birthday is
August 16 so they had a combined birthday party
at the swimming pool. Kate had a 'Belle' birthday cake
from Beauty and the Beast. Jackson birthday cake
was Yoda from Starwars. It was great fun!

Chauncey eating cake.
Kate is a little swimmer.
Kate getting ready to open all of her presents!
A Visit to Dr. West:
Chauncey, Dad and Mom outside of Chauncey's Dental Office.
Dr. West arranged to have our teeth cleaned
and he, himself examined our teeth.
Birthday Presents from Grandma:
Since Grandma and Grandpa would miss most
of their grandchildren's birthdays they brought birthday
presents from China for all of the children. We gave the children
individual ice cream cookie 'birthday cakes'. We lit
candles and sang Happy Birthday a million times.
Kate, Bella, Jackson, and Chauncey blew out their candles.
Then it was time for presents!

Max Christopher West:
Mom & Grandma helping dress baby Max
for his big day. July 18 is the naming and blessing day.
Cuter than cute!
Nothing brings more Joy than family.
Grandpa and Grandma with #10
Swimming Pool Fun:
Bella on and ice cream break.

On the way to the swimming pool.
Jackson has the bowling ball.
Jackson lines up the shot and lets the ball go.
Jackson's not quite happy with the results.

A Wilde Fourth of July

4th of July Barbecue:
James and Isaac, Anthony and Tristin.
Our son's have son's of their own.

4th of July Parade:
Wilde Family
Hannah holding Tristin.
5k Run:
"Look at Me! We're Winning!"
Michael, Charity, James, Dad, Anthony, Heidi, Isaac, and Allison
show their ability to endure.
Wilde Family Talent Show:

Heidi, Allison and Charity singing "Chirp, Chirp, Chirp" from1776.
Allison, Anthony and James singing "Il est Ne" in French.
Great Grandpa Wilde reading The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.
Three generations of Wilde's celebrating the Fourth of July.
Stadium of Fire:
This years star performer was Carrie Underwood.
Carrie Underwood was great but we come for the Fire Works!
Purple Turtle:
Super-Isaac eating sweet potato fries.
Onion rings, cheesy fries, sweet potato fries and milk shakes.
The perfect ending to our annual Wilde Water Fight.
Annual Water Play:
Allison applauds as "Super-Isaac" joins in the fun.
Take that--Michael.
James trying to entice Charity out of the 'safe-zone'.
She'd rather munch on carrots than get wet.
Grandpa with 'Super-Isaac'