Saturday, December 12, 2009

Allison's Wedding

Allison and Michael were married in the Provo Temple on Nov 21st. We had lots of family and friends. It was a perfect "Stress Free" wedding. Allison was beautiful and radiant as a new bride should be. She and Michael are well suited together, and we're pleased to have Michael join our family! The Reception at Franklin and Kathleen's home was perfect....we could not have asked for more! Thanks to all who helped out and made the wedding such a positive, memorable experience! Five down and one to go........

Allison and Michael - Provo Temple just moments after they were married!
Melanie and Buffy doing Allison's Hair for the wedding (It was great!)

Allison and Michael just after their vows; (Someone's happy!......)

Chauncey and Bella waiting at the temple.......(a very nippy morning!)

Mother and Daughter outside the Temple.

The Immediate Family at the wedding

Mom, Dad and the newlyweds.

Allison, Amy and Heather Barker

Allison and her Sister

Allison and Michael behind the Provo Temple
Allison and Michael behind the Provo Temple

It was a "Brisk Day" in Provo. Gloves and coat came in handy....

Allison and Michael at Franklin and Kathleen's home.

Sunset in the back yard!

The West Gang....less AJ, Heidi and Tristen.

My brother Charles took some Great pictures! A&M are holding a picture that he had taken earlier in the day behind the Provo Temple. It was a great shot!

The happy couple!
Tim and a "zonked" Eleanor!
Table decorations and "Chinese Finger Torture" tubes....

Carolyn blushes just like her mother!...
Tim passes Eleanor off to Buffy.......Wedding favors from China "Double Happiness" boxes for weddings

Chinese Good Fortune knots for the guests

Chauncey, reminiscing about his wedding day!

"...this is nothing! wait and see my wedding day!....
The children listening intently to Franklin's sword fighting lecture.

Practicing the fine art of Wedding Swordplay!...Well it did keep the kids occupied!

Allison and her namesake Allison....

The famous "behind the back" move.....
The porcelain face of Bella...... for me!
Allison getting some sword play with her cousin!

A quite moment after the guests have left......

Franklin and Kathleen's home & the chinese laterns we brought from Beijing
Cutting the Wedding Pie!.....and a little sugar on the side....
The traditional wedding bubbles (more fun for the kids then throwing rice!)
I don't know, I think she might be asleep......
Humfrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall pose........

November in Provo

We spend two and a half weeks in Provo. We had Allison's wedding on the Nov 21s, and then we stayed for Thanksgiving. We had a very enjoyable time. The wedding was stress free and a lot of fun. We so appreciate everyone's help with the Wedding (Franklin & Kathleen for letting us use their house, Denise and family for helping with the food set up, etc.....lots of family help. Thanks!). We had several fun dinners and "Daddy Doughnut" nights that we great family get together. Now Ruth and I are back in "Solitude" in Beijing. What a change vs having Thanksgiving dinner with 60 family members at Jeff's house! But as I mentioned in my earlier post, we have a better understanding of "Crowds" now that we live in Beijing!

Michael, Allison and baby Isaac at one of Allisons Bridal Showers
George and Allison at the Provo Temple taking out their endowments

The family tieing a quilt for Michael and Allison.
Baby Isaac, or "number 8" as we like to call him.......

Eleanor George, waiting for me to go away....(" he gone yet?")

Ruth and baby Trisen George (or #9 if you are counting!)

Family Dinner get together at our home in Provo

The Traditional Wilde Thanksgiving on Friday

Daddy Doughnut night at our home in Provo

Wilde Thanksgiving Dinner

Mom and AJ giving baby Tristen a bath.....

Ruth and our Driver in China, Liu Shi Fu (who had just given
us a present to give to Allison for her wedding)

Heidi and Charity at Thanksgiving Dinner with Franklin & Kathleen

Gigi....also waiting for Grandpa to go away (...."is he still there?")

James and Allison practiving for the The "Big Game"

The Big Game in progress on Thanksgiving Day

Baby Isaac....a real cutie!

Allison and Michael - Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

The family on Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day Dinner

The "Kid Table" on Thanksgiving day