Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Friend Visit, New Friends Are Made

Samily Kwok  visits from Beijing. Patrick, Nicole, 
and Eli now live in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.

Jill Thomson Anderson and Ruth Wilde West knew each other in Provo. We lived in the same Stake and went to Provo High School. Jill has lived in Hong Kong for 20 some years. 

Enjoying (?) truly fresh seafood.

Victory Branch Beach Party

Our Apartment in Hong Kong

Our apartment is small but comfortable and cozy. We live in the middle of Tai Tam Park and it is marvelous. There is a wonderful spirit in Hong Kong, both in the city part and the country part of the Island. It is safe and the people are friendly and helpful. 
This is the front entryway.

MuShu made the journey from Beijing and 
he has the responsibility of scaring all mice away. 

Our dinning room. George is 'way' happy.
He loves round tables. 

The view from our window down into the courtyard. There is a swimming pool, a waterfall and plenty of tables and lounges chairs to relax in and enjoy the day. 

Parkview apartments. 

 Tai Tam Family Walk Trail

There are many walking trail in Tai Tam Park. You can hike for hours and hours. 
For Ruth's daily walk she chose this trail which takes about an hour.

"I Think the World is Beautiful as Lovely as Can Be"
My heart rejoices in the beauty I see in the world around me.