Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great, relaxing Christmas this year. Mostly "Family Down Time". We read, watched movies, helped out on a couple of service projects. Baby George had a couple of parties at the house. After our stake New Year's Eve dance, George invited a number of the YM/YW over for a waffle breakfast. They ate, and played games until around 4:00 AM. Some of the YM spent the night at our house.....they woke up around 8:00 AM and went to the Ward football game. I thought they played quite well given the amount of sleep they had! Allison had a small get together at the house last night with college friends home from school, and other friends from the ward. They ate pizza, talked, watched movies, etc. Low key and enjoyable. Allison is flying back to BYU today (Jan 2nd). Overall, we had a very nice, memorable holiday. Now back to work!!
Gigi "Carefully" opening a present

James excited about opening another present!

Eleanor tasting her present.......

Priest's "Date Night" at the West Home

The Christmas Story - Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning Breakfast

George & Allison - Christmas Morning

Allison and George - Nintendo Wii "Boxing Match"

Allison and Anne - On their way to New Year's Eve Young Single Adult Dance

George & Friends - New Year's Eve Dance
George Cooking Breakfast for Friends - Early New Years Day

George - New Year's Day Ward Football Game
Allison, George & Friends - New Year's Day Socializing

Heidi Joins the West Family!!!

Anthony & Heidi - Winter Quarters Temple The "Blushing Bride"groom.......

The happy couple and AJ's Brothers

The Happy Couple and AJ's Sisters
The family socializing in the motel suite

James making Balloon Animals at pre-wedding family dinner

AJ & George singing at pre-wedding dinner

Allison & Buffy doing "hand clap" at family dinner

Hiedi and AJ "looking forward" to the future......

West Family Halloween

Charity, James and Allison - The Zelda Bunch
Heidi - Welcome to the NFL!

Kate Cheering on the Star Wars Clan

The Mummy meets the Princess

Eleanor - Picking Peas.....