Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes you just can't help spending money.
Notice the new additon to our family. His name is Mu Shu.
He makes us laugh. We couldn't go home without him.
We bought him at Panjiayaun Dirt Market
This is to pretty to eat!
Oliver & Grace at their German-Korean wedding reception in Beijing, China
You've heard how hot it can get in Beijing.....
Picture taken at the 798 Art District
Can you identify the 'song bird' in the cage?
One of the drums from the Olympic opening ceremony.
Picture taken at the Birds Nest.
The Birds Nest
Winter Playland inside the Birds Nest
Qiamen Street Marker
Chinese New Year
Chaoyang Park-across the street from our apartment

Outside the Ming Tomb's
Do you like the table Allison?

The Drum Tower in Beijing
Daddy's Christmas Present
A new addition to our family.
400 lb Terracotta Warrior from Qing Tombs
In Xi'an
Christmas Light at Solana Shopping Mall