Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Friend Visit, New Friends Are Made

Samily Kwok  visits from Beijing. Patrick, Nicole, 
and Eli now live in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.

Jill Thomson Anderson and Ruth Wilde West knew each other in Provo. We lived in the same Stake and went to Provo High School. Jill has lived in Hong Kong for 20 some years. 

Enjoying (?) truly fresh seafood.

Victory Branch Beach Party

Our Apartment in Hong Kong

Our apartment is small but comfortable and cozy. We live in the middle of Tai Tam Park and it is marvelous. There is a wonderful spirit in Hong Kong, both in the city part and the country part of the Island. It is safe and the people are friendly and helpful. 
This is the front entryway.

MuShu made the journey from Beijing and 
he has the responsibility of scaring all mice away. 

Our dinning room. George is 'way' happy.
He loves round tables. 

The view from our window down into the courtyard. There is a swimming pool, a waterfall and plenty of tables and lounges chairs to relax in and enjoy the day. 

Parkview apartments. 

 Tai Tam Family Walk Trail

There are many walking trail in Tai Tam Park. You can hike for hours and hours. 
For Ruth's daily walk she chose this trail which takes about an hour.

"I Think the World is Beautiful as Lovely as Can Be"
My heart rejoices in the beauty I see in the world around me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Two minor reason for being in Provo are yearly medical exams and to sort through Ruth's fathers personal effects. The major reason for being in Provo is to visit with children, grandchildren, extended family and friends.

We had huge issues with Hertz this year. In Raleigh the car was ready for us. We waited an hour only to find out the price they were charging us was outrageous. Finally, we went back to the airport to get the car. The daily/mileage rate was super high so we reserved a car at the Salt Lake airport to use during our stay in Utah. We we got to Salt Lake they didn't have a full sized car for us. After an hour wait they said we could take the Camaro.  

Grandparent time with Violet

We went to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Sundance Summer Theater. It was a beautiful night an a good production. Beth Petty came along as George's date.

The Temple is always a highlight of any trip

We celebrated Isaac birthday with dinner, cake and ice cream.

Robert and Maralee Powell and all there children we in Provo to drop Elizabeth off  for school. We ate dinner at the Brick Oven and then walked along a BYU walking trail. 

Vern and RaNae met us for dinner
Baby George cooked dinner for his home-teachees. He invited us to join with them. Dinner was "Quick Pasta" and it was delicious! Dinner was almost a disaster because George didn't have any hot-pads to pull the garlic bread out to the oven.  Disaster was averted as George quickly found an old tee-shirt to use. 

George and his brother Franklin 

Tomorrow we are flying to Raleigh to visit with Chauncey and Melanie. Today we are picnicking in the park. All the tables were filled with BYU groups so we sat upon the grass. Michael was ill but Allison still came. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


The final stop on our "Visit All of our Children" tour was Raleigh. We have come full circle (circle being symbolic of infinity, and of never-ending existence. It teaches us of God who is infinite with a perfect mind which is limitless, boundless. The circle reminds us of eternal marriage and eternal families.)The highlight of this visit was the baptism and confirmation of Jackson, grandchild #3.

Thursday we spent hours at Marbles, Raleigh's children's museum (Grandpa had to work the rest of us played.). On Saturday we all went to the North Carolina Zoo.

Saturday September 1, 2012 is Jackson baptismal date.

Jackson and his father Chauncey dress all in white prepared to enter the baptismal waters. 
Jackson's family life.
George and Ruth with Chauncey, Max, Jackson (center is the special moment spot), Bella and Kate. Max slept on grandpa's shoulder for the entire service. He now has that "I don't know where I am--I just know I'm not with my my" cry.
September 2 is Bella's Birthday. 
Elizabeth and her children came down for an extended visit (read: marriage troubles).  Monday we all went to Pullen Park. We rode the on the carousel and the train. We paddled in paddle boats and played on the playground enjoying the many climbing apparatuses and the misting sprays.  It was a very hot day so we ended our outing eating snow-cones. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Last Great Wall Hike

George has hiked the Great Wall of China 11 time, Ruth only 9. The Wall is an amazing engineering effort that leaves one in awe of what great things man can achieve and yet conflicted about why, at such a sacrifice of human life, would someone want to build it?

When the YSA's announced another Wall hike Ruth hoped George would be content to leave her home. When he said--please come, Ruth found her knee braces and walking stick.

Jinshaning Great Wall of China

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

May 24-June 10, 2012 Provo Trip

Provo, Utah Trip

Ruth's dad sent us an email the Tuesday after Mothers Day thanking us for the flowers we sent to LouAnn. He mentioned that in April he was having some health problems. He went to the doctor. After a scan and then a scope of his stomach they found a large ulcer. The did a biopsy and found that he had stomach cancer. We though we should take a trip to Utah to visit while Ruth's father was still strong. We planned on spending 2 weeks in Provo in August but we felt the spirit telling us we should go sooner. We arrived in Provo on Thursday the 24, Friday we went with dad to the cancer center where the doctor told that him that he had stage 4 cancer and any treatment plan would not be helpful.

Saturday May 26
Wilde Family Dinner
All of Ruth brother, sisters and their spouses
gathered together for dinner and visiting.
Dad was strong and enjoy the evening with all
of his children. Dad told stories of his youth. We
all shared favorite memories. 

We had a family portrait taken 
(Charles West was the photographer)

 Memorial Day

We went up to Logan for the traditional West Family memorial day. We ate lunch together at Uncle Paul Montrose's, then as a family we visited Logan cemetery paying respect to parents and grandparents who have passed on.

Grandpa Moment

The George West Family

Grandma & Grandpa West
Frank & Frances

Ruth and two of her babies

Ruth's father passed away.

Wednesday May 30, 2012

In the early hours of the morning Ruth's father passed on.
We are so grateful that we listened to the prompting of the spirit and made an extra trip home. 
O. Geral Wilde

 The Viewing

Grandparents (?)

 The Funeral

Dad wanted the congregation to stand
and sing "Come Let Us Anew" 

The Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren
sang "I'm a Child of God"
Sylvia, Jeff, and Greg spoke at the service

Family Luncheon

 The trip to Fairview

The Sound of Music

Martha was Mother Abbess
Hales Center Theatre-Salt Lake City

 Day Trip in the Uinta National Forest

Family Moments

Grandma need some emotion food.
Isaac want to share--he had to bring his own spoon.

Grilling Steaks

Eating Steaks

Looking and playing cute.

Cascade Springs

Thirty-five years ago on this very bridge George proposed marriage to Ruth. Thirty-five years, 6 children and 12 grandchildren later..........

Pioneer Village

Grandma LouAnn