Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great Wall at Mutianyu

Mark and Jamie Schengelburger were in Shanghai with Mark's work and they popped up to Beijing for a visit. The first thing on their list of things to see was the Great Wall. We went to Mutianyu. It was an unseasonably warm, glorious blue-sky day. The best part of this section of the wall is that you can ride a cable-car up to the wall, walk on the wall as long as you want and then ride an Alpine slide back down the mountain.
Mark was busy taking pictures and missed getting on before the door shut, consequently he rode up in a separate car.

We never tire of seeing the wall snake along the mountain.
We are grateful that China opened her boarders so that we can join with tourist from around the world in appreciation of thie great monument.

Meet Paper Xander. Mark and Jamie's son wanted a picture of himself on the Great Wall of China so they brought Paper Xander to the wall.

Easy up and easy down. Mutianyu makes mountain climbing way easy.