Saturday, June 27, 2009

Post Beijing Trip and George's Graduation

We bought the older grandchildren "Chinese Silk Pajamas". They were soooo cute. The boys looked very "manly" in their Red dragon paddy jackets pants (lost the picture). In June we enjoyed going to many activities for George's graduation. It was an interesting experience for me....hard to see your last child leave home. Ruth and I are on a new adventure now!

6 Grandkids in the Tub! (They're not going to be happy with me in 15 years from now!!)
Kate and Gigi in their new Chinese Silk Jamies

Kate, Gigi, Bella, and Eleanor
Gigi and Kate, "primping"
Jackson helping Grandma in the Kitchen
Ward Graduation party at the Alvarez's home
George and Ruth at Graduation
George "Squared" at graduation

Beijing Trip - May 2009

My employer, Lenovo has asked me to take a two year assignement in Beijing. I was not sure that I was quite ready for this much of an adventure yet. Since I was hesitant, our CFO asked me to bring Ruth over to Beijing for an "assessment" trip. We took our assessment trip in mid-may. We very much enjoyed our trip. For a city of 17 million people, we found Beijing remarkable clean and beautiful. We loved the "sites" and the "people" that we met. So we decided that we would accept the assignment. We will move to Beijing later this summer to start our assignment. We are excited for the adventure to begin.

Ruth watching "Leo" do Chinese Caligraphy (Leo was a college student we met on the street)
Ruth and Leo
Ruth in Park outside the Forbidden City
Ruth in park outside Forbidden City
Ruth outside Entrance to Forbidden City

George at Forbidden City
Park Outside Forbidden City
Looking towards Tian'anmen Square (Sothern End)
Great Wall (Badling)
George & Ruth on Great Wall

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Wall looking through Guard Tower
Forbidden City - View from Jingshan Park
Chinese exercising in Jingshan Park

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chauncey's Graduation from Dental School

The "Happy Couples"
Chuancey and Melanie "Practicing" before the Group Ceremony
The "kissing Ceremony"
My favorite part of Graduation!!
Jeremy, Ruth and Chauncey at Graduation
Graduation Luncheon
The family getting ready for the big move South!

March to May 2009

Relief Society Presidency & Spouses - Dinner
George - Mountain Bike @ Lake Crabtree (Priests Activity)
Ruth & Allison at Azealia Gardens
Gigi and Laura Alvarez.....
George & Erin - Prom

March to May 2009 Events

George's Spring Concert
"Day of Service" 5K Run (Lengthen your stride)
George & Friends...Guys and Dolls (Nicely Nicely w/extra padding)