Saturday, October 3, 2009

September in Beijing!

Ni Hoa from Beijing! We arrived in China on Sept 2nd. We've had a very easy transition so far (lots of "Hand Holding" from the relocation no issues yet!). We have a very nice apartment in a very nice area in downtown Beijing. We haven't met all 20 million people in Beijing yet....but the ones we've met have been really nice. The people here are generally very happy.....which in turn keeps our own spirits up. My work at Lenovo is okay. I don't interact much with my Chinese colleagues we sit and "smile" a lot at each other! That will change in a few weeks when I get into my busy Annual Plan cycle. Language will be a challenge, but no failure of expectations here. I have a driver to help us get around (nice ex-pat package!). He is a really nice man (Liu Shi Fu). He does not speak any English, so we do a lot of hand signals....and use the "point and grunt" method of communication. For now, we pretty much just travel a few, shopping and he has those areas down. Very different life....but we are enjoying ourselves. Here are a few pictures of what we've done so far:

This is a "Hot Pot" lunch that I had with some of my Work Collegues. When I look at this picture, I think of the old game "Which does not be belong and why?" (Oh...could be Man vs Women; Old vs Young, Hair vs Shiney, American vs Chinese,....etc, etc. etc.....)

This a view from our front window of the fireworks show in the park for the60th Aniversary Celebration of the founding of Peoples Republic of China (Oct 1st)
The two English speaking branches of the church in Beijing have an annual weekend trip to the Great Wall. We had a great time. We stayed in a smal "Court yard" type Inn attached to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is Facinating to it snakes acoss the mountain tops. We had a great weekend hiking along the wall and the surrounding mountains. The picture below is a view of our Inn (you can see a section of the Great Wall on the far mountain side).

Ruthie and I on the Great Wall

View of the GW from one side of the "Pass" to the other Side

Our room in the Inn was just behind the Willow tree.

View of the Great Wall from the Top of the Mountain (VERY Steep Hike)

View of the Trail to the Top of the Mountain
Ruth and I Just before Sacrament meeting on Sunday

Traditional Chinese Maze at the Inn

Ruth and George at the Beijing Botanical Gardens. One of my co-workers invited us to go with her finance. It is hard to see, but the Dragon is made out of flowers. Quite the sight.
George and Ruth at the Botanical Gardens

We're now expert Orchid growers! (At least it has not died in the last 3 weeks!)

Ruthie, hiding behind the fountains in our courtyard

Ruthie in the park across the street from our Apartment

Ruthie in the park, with our apartment in the back ground.